Welcome to Long Island Bridge Campground!

Established in 1966, families have come to Long Island Bridge Campground to enjoy the endless beauty of Lake Winnipesaukee. With sites for RV's, trailers, popups and tents and locations from the waterfront to the backwoods, there is something for everyone. Sorry we don’t allow tents on our trailer sites!

If you get tired of sand in your shoes, we are just a stones throw away from the many attractions of the Lakes Region and the incredible White Mountains. Come visit us and relax, swim, hike and take in the sights and forever fall in love with the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

The beach view
kids on bikes
all kinds of watercraft on the bay

Our Facilities & Amenities

Our own private, sandy beach
Tent sites, open and shady
Lovely terraced trailer sites with full hookups
Waterfront sites facing Long Island and the bridge
All sites have a fireplace and picnic table
Basketball and Volleyball court
Horseshoe pits
Modern restrooms and hot showers
Canoe and Kayak rentals
Artesian well water
Fishing and boating nearby

campsites on the shore
family in a canoe


Camping season mid-May through mid-October
Campsites are for 1 family (2 adults and children under 18)


Site Map and Camping Rules

Camp Sherrye Site Map

Long Island Bridge Campground Rules

1. All Guests - We ask that guests be pre-registered. Guests must stop at the office upon arrival. Visitor/guest fees are double on holidays. If campers have overnight guests (limit of 4 adults max per site including guests) they are not allowed to set up their own tents. Guests should call for their own sites.
3. Boats and Boat Trailers - are NOT PERMITTED on the campsites. Please use the boat parking area.
4. Speed - The speed limit in the campground is 10 mph. This is to be observed at all times.
5. Noise - Avoid excessive noise. Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8 AM. All persons under the age of 18 must be back at their campsites by 11 PM unless accompanied by an adult. Recommended use of FLASHLIGHT when out at night.
6. Pets - Pets are permitted but must be restricted. No animals are allowed on the beach or on the water - front campsites. Pets must not be left at the campsite unattended and must be on a leash at ALL TIMES. Dogs must be limited to a 6 foot leash and must be on a leash at all times. No retractable leashes in the campground. All animal droppings must be picked up. No more than 2 dogs per site are allowed. We also have breed restrictions.
7. Trees & Campfires - Cutting trees and moving fireplaces is NOT PERMITTED. According to the state of New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands, fire height cannot exceed 2 ft. or knee high level.
8. DON’T MOVE FIREWOOD. Our forest are threatened by nonnative insects that can kill a large numbers of trees. Three recently introduced insects-emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle, and Sirex woodwasp are wood-infesting species that can be transported long distances in firewood. Once transported into new areas, these insects can become established and kill local trees. We must STOP THE SPREAD of these insects and protect our forests and trees.
How you can help:
Leave firewood at home-do not transport it to campgrounds or parks.
Use firewood from local sources.
If you have moved firewood, burn all of it before leaving your campsite.
9. Supervision - Small children must be supervised at all times, and accompanied to restrooms.
10. State Requirement - The state of New Hampshire requires the use of non-formaldehyde holding tank deodorant only to be used in all holding tanks. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE ON A SEPTIC SYSTEM. ONLY TOILET TISSUE SHOULD BE FLUSHED.
11. Check In is after 1 PM. Check Out time is Before 11 AM. If you wish to stay later you must notify the office ahead of time. If you are leaving before the office opens please return the gate card the night before.
13. No Lifeguard - There is no lifeguard on the beach; swimming is at your own risk. Young children are not allowed on the beach without adult supervision.
14. Camping Pass - All vehicles must display a camping pass or guest pass on the rearview mirror.
15. Gate Cards - Are to be used by registered campers ONLY. People who try to get through the gate with someone else’s card will be asked to leave immediately. Card allows only 1 vehicle to enter.
16. Bicycles - Are prohibited from the 1st and 2nd tiers and the main road of the campground. Children may ride bicycles up over the hill away from the gates.
17. Golf Carts - We do not allow golf carts in the campground.

Cancellation & Reservation Policies

We require a 2 week notice to cancel reservations made after May 15th for a full refund. The exception will be on Holiday weekends. If a site is cancelled for a Holiday weekend a $30.00 booking fee will be deducted.
Reservations made a year in advance or any reservation made before May 15th must be a week or more. To cancel a reservation we require a 60 day notice to receive a refund minus a $30.00 booking fee for each site reserved. If you choose to modify your stay you will still be required to pay the full amount for the original reservation.

3 night minimum non-waterfront in July and August.
1 week minimum on waterfront in July and August.
Limit of 1 unit per site on waterfront sites.
Sorry we don’t allow tents on our trailer sites!
2 car limit per site except for the waterfront and trailer sites 25 to 34, where we only allow 1 car per site.
Sorry we do not accept credit or debit cards.
Reservations cannot be changed upon arrival.

Local Attractions

Travel Directions

Please use the interactive map to find your directions to Long Island Bridge Campground.

Reservation Requests

We are looking forward to meeting and serving you here at Long Island Bridge Campground. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm your reservation.

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Long Island Bridge Campground

29 Long Island Road
Moultonborough, NH 03254

(603) 253-6053

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